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Hello, It's nice to meet you! 

Lake Louise
Mandy and Chris
South Africa to Canada Welcome Wings

I'm your Immigration Bestie - Just me. Mandy


We are here spilling the tea on all things immigration - the good, the bad and everything in between. We are your immigration guide to everything they don't tell you and what you need to know.

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Are you ready to immigrate?

Immigrating is a big decision to make and not one to be taken lightly. It is not for everyone and that is okay! It may see to break you and cost your life savings but it also so rewarding, a new adventure and everything you dreamed it would be.

We took the leap after going back and forth and eventually made the move to Canada. I am your immigration bestie when it comes to everything you need to know. The good the bad and everything in between! A South African Family just living a Canadian Life.

We have read, researched and living the Canadian dream through trial and error. We can help you by answering your questions to help you make your decision as easy as possible - if immigration is right for you.

Ask the questions?  Get the steps - make your move an informed one. Have your paper work in order,  housing, schooling, vehicles, bank accounts, insurance and so much more! We can answer your questions and guide you to the right expert to make your move a reality.

Ready for the next steps?

1. Book and Q and A session under our bookings tab

2. Receive our cheat sheet of what documents to get ready

3. Receive our list of referred experts that helped us get to Canada

Heading to Alberta?

 Let us help you a little further and help with all your settlement needs - taking it that one step further in making your landing a smooth one. Welcoming you at the airport, helping with transport, house hunting, groceries and so much more. 

See out service tab for all services offered.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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