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North West
South Africa

Happy Landing

On the plane

Making your way across the World by yourself or with family can become overwhelming.

Emigrating is no easy task with the endless planning and list of what to do.

It is an emotional rollercoaster with long flights, little sleep and a list of too do's when you land.

We are here to help you with a happy landing!

We will take the worry out of what to do when you land. We will track your flight and plan for any delays, fetch you and your hundred suitcases from the airport. Make sure you have basic groceries, breakfast, dinner or lunch.

We can assist with house hunting and securing a rental.

We will transport you around the first few days to obtain your SIN number, SIM cards, open bank accounts and register utilities.

Insurance and internet services, vehicle sorting to registrations and obtaining your drivers license.

We can assist with everything needed in keeping your little ones safe and entertained while we aid in sorting all the above.

Car seat and stroller hire, snack packs and entertainment to babysitting while waiting in queues to sort the above.

Winter clothes and shopping assistance to buy what is needed with advice.

We ready to help you make your landing a happy one as you settle into your new home.

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